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CNC tool management software
Tool Wall Basic  -  160 tools  30 & 40 taper Tool Wall Dual   -   320 tools 30 & 40 taper HSK 63 and 50 taper - 60 tools per side
5S 5S 5S 5S 5S 5S Clear the work area of not needed items Seiri 5S 5S Seiketsu Create a consistent approach to tasks  5S 5S Sitsuke Practice 5S daily with commitment Seiton Place items properly for quick retrieval and storage Seisu Keep work area neat and clean Orderliness Tidiness Cleanliness Standardization Discipline
Founder Peter Faust with son Chol. 
About Tool Wall: Tool Wall is a product that was initially created for in-house use of the parent company Apollo Machinery in 2005. A firm that is specialized in small quantity hydraulic manifold production, which requires six time-consuming Machine Set-Ups for every part run. Apollo needed a system that not only manages hundreds of tools  but provides traceability, shop/job records, time/costs information  and a Machine Set-Up solution to increase Up-time.  The resulting Tool Wall system has grown ever since conception and the accompanying software suite was named Canada’s Smartest IT in 2011.  The system we created proved so advantages that a new product for us emerged. Unintended but through evolution the possibility of CS (collaboration) offered itself. We believe that efficient “Just in Time” production keeps work at home and enables all companies to be more productive, reduces inventories and improves design change flexibility. We hope you can make this 5S methodology based product and “Collaboration Shop” work for you as well as it works for us.            Peter Faust
Apollo made CNC tool storage system, a tiered Tool Storage Wall that can store 320 tools on a small footprint. 30, 40, 50 taper, HSK and Capto compatible.
CNC tool crib software
Tool crib management software
Tool management software
CNC tool storage
Tool Crib
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5S methodological CNC Tool Storage and CNC Tool Management combined in one system.