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Proper tool management is the key to saving money - and maybe even saving your business. A Tool Management System That Works For You. Basic features: Tool/part number. Description. Price. Quantity requirements. Where used by shop floor, machines, jobs and users. Minimum/maximum inventory levels. Reorder point. Vendor information. Set-Up information. Tool storage stations. Tool issue tracking by employee, date, job, center/machine. Support transactions. Ease of use. Tool activities. Tool tracking cross-reference. Tool availability. Status reports. Ordering reports. Basic inventory information. History information. Tool profiles. Feed & speed for materials. User notes. Tools not returned. Multi subprogram set-up. Offset uploading. Presetter communication.
5S 5S 5S 5S 5S 5S Clear the work area of not needed items Seiri 5S 5S Seiketsu Create a consistent approach to tasks  5S 5S Sitsuke Practice 5S daily with commitment Seiton Place items properly for quick retrieval and storage Seisu Keep work area neat and clean Orderliness Tidiness Cleanliness Standardization Discipline W TOOL ALL