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Smart Tools - Tapping without writing code
Use your CNC machine in lieu of a manual machine for small jobs.  Select a tool  -  Enter coordinates  -  Run it.
Select and execute a single tool or assemble a routine for the selected “Primary Tool”. Just enter the coordinates  and click “Next”. (leave the coordinate X,Y fields empty and the routine is executed from the current spindle position. This feature makes it possible to use your CNC mill like a manual machine) Tools that are not in the machine will be installed, Offsets uploaded and the generated Code is transfered to the machine. Save the routine and recall at any time. Once built, they become a “Time Saving” asset. No programming knowledge required!
Our Goal
Current Development Project
Note: Analyzing and programming for each tool or tool group is a tall order and requires a lot of time. We will therefore release the Smart Tool package not as one module but enable various tool or tool groups within the software as they become available.
G173 Drill Chamfer C.Bore F.Mill Facing
The “Smart Tool” Tapping function is in the testing phase
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Single / Multi Tool Conversational Machining
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