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Download from us or Partner for free. No time limit
Purchase of additional Panels or Tool Management software
Free software with the purchase of storage
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Apollo Machinery is the manufacturer of Tool Wall storage
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Download the Tool Tracking software of 1 virtual panel of 60 Master tools and 1 (160 tools) panel of Common Tools plus 10k of BIN tools. *Ask us or your Machine/Tool supplier for the download link. If your supplier does not have it, he/she or you can contact  us under : to obtain it. Tool Tracking takes only a minimum of data input to be up and running. Feature rich Tool Management takes considerable more data to implement. All Tool Tracking data is part of Tool Management data at upgrading. Entered tool data can be used indefinably aiding your operation.
Additional tool expansion panels can be purchased from your Machine/Tool supplier or from us directly. Or upgrade to the feature rich Tool Management software version. Cost of each additional tool: Tool Tracking $ 2.-  (first 60 tools are free of charge) Upgrade to Tool Management for $ 2.15 per tool. (in addition to Tool Tracking charge)
Purchase our Tool Wall storage system in various configurations and we will include the accompanying version of the Tool Tracking software. The software has a setting that displays a user interface depicting the Tool Wall storage you have. This feature makes tool identification simple. We call it the “Virtual Tool Wall”. This option lets you buy panel sizes of 60 and 160 tools for 30 and 40 taper tool holders. All other holder panels have 60 tools. Prices for Tool Storage panels that are software supported start at $ 1995.-
The software should be updated once per year to insure you have the latest version. Updates are available as of Oct 7th every year. Updates are free of charge. Software expansions can only be purchases in system configurations of 60 or 160 tools depending on holder taper. No charges apply for “Common Tools” or “BIN Tools”.
*The direct download from this page is available for a limited time only.
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